Mama Mio!


‘Fit Skin For Life’

Tummy Rub Butter & Tummy Rub Oil 


Mama Mio is the safe and effective secret weapon to strengthen and protect pregnant mamas’ skin as they grow as well as regaining their appearance after baby has arrived.  The line is designed to improve skin tone and increase skin elasticity through its powerful Omega 3, 6, and 9 combination.  Even more impressive is the pregnancy-specific blend of essential oils combined to create a fragrance which offers emotional and physical benefits.  All Mama Mio products are clinically tested, safety tested, allergy tested, and contain NO NASTIES, which means everything is safe for newborn babies!


The Tummy Rub Butter & Oil offer the same great benefits in two differnt but equally effective textures.  They both increase skin's strength and elasticity to protect againtst stretch marks with a super-elasticising Omega-packed blend of organic oils, helping the skin stretch and recover. Tummy Rub is mega-moisturising and nurishes growing skin while soothing itchy tummies.  Rub on twice daily, from above your boobs to below your butt - front, back, and sides. 


What our therapists say, "Vitamins for your skin!"